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How to wash your face correctly and prevent Acnes and buildups.

How to wash ur face perfectly. Dermatologist and Associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai NYC, Dr. Debra Wattenberg says that “there is, apparently, a right and a wrong way to wash your face. Many of our mindless face-cleansing habits are actually causing as much harm as good to our skin”

Washing your face is one of the easiest yet most important things you can do for your skin. And though it is true that some of these tips have been heard before, most people don’t particularly follow through with it.

Guide line to follow when washing your face

1.      Wash hands first before proceeding to wash your face.

2.     Use face wipes to remove make-up first especially eye make-up, to prevent it from spreading all over your face when washing.

3. “Extreme temperatures can damage your skin and create more inflammation and irritation,” Wattenberg says. Splash warm water all over your face. Warm water opens your pores and helps you clean deeper, so avoid using cold or extremely hot water if possible.

4.      Go easy on the cleanser, use a coin size amount.  “As using too much will only increase your risk for skin irritation” says  Dr Wattenberg.

5. Know what works for your skin. Using the wrong cleanser that is too harsh for your skin can cause skin burns and irritation. For some people, surfactants – the stuff in soap that causes the bubbles – can be too harsh on the skin, Wattenberg says.

Facial scrubs: these contain tiny beads or particles that help rub away dead skin cells (exfoliate). This will make your face smoother and fresher looking while helping to unclog your pores.
Regular soap:  to exfoliate using the soap, use a face scrubber (a soft, knit piece of material) or facecloth. Gently rub it in circles over your skin as you did the soap.
6.  Be nice to your face! “Some people are actually very abrasive toward their skin; it can cause irritation, broken capillaries and it can cause inflammation when they scrub too hard,” Wattenberg says. Worse of all, scrubbing too hard encourages wrinkles!!

7.  Rinse your face for 10-15 mins, ensuring that you thoroughly rinse away the soap. Splash your face repeatedly with water, rubbing gently with your hands after each splash. If it all does not come off, wet a cloth and rub your face gently to get the more obvious stuff off, then rinse again.

Soap residue will clog your pores, dry out your skin, and possibly even affect your skin’s natural pH. Leaving soap film on your face will make it dirtier than when you started.
Pay extra attention to your hairline, jawline, and anything that drips down your neck. It’s easy to neglect these spots while rinsing.
8. With a soft, clean towel, gently pat your face dry. Try not to rub or pull at your skin, which encourages wrinkles as well. “Using the same wash cloth for more than a day or two can irritate your skin”, she says.

9. When asked, Dr. Debra Wattenberg advised that the face be washed atleast 2 times in a day! Not washing the make-up off of your face before going to bed will prevent the skin from healing naturally.
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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Michelle Obama rocks a $12,000 (N1,975,200) Gown check out pics

The first lady of America Michelle Obama wore this gown  worth $12,000 (N1,975,200) to the White House state dinner honoring French President Francois Hollande. 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Kelly Rowland spotted wearing a pink and black polka dot ruffle gown from the brand’s Spring 2014 collection

Kelly Rowland was spotted at her second show of Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week, taking in the latest collection from Juan Carlos Obando in a pink and black polka dot ruffle gown from the brand’s Spring 2014 collection:
she looked gorgeous
kelly-rowland-juan-carlos-obando-fall-2014-show-juan-carlos-obando-spring-2014-gownKelly’s hair and makeup were so cool



These days, the economy is forcing even the biggest shopaholics to put the breaks on spending. And clothing may be one of the first things to go.Here, five tips from stylish women on how to dress gorgeously and save money while doing so.

Shop With A Plan
Shop with a plan and buy selectively. Approach shopping with a plan in mind,” she says. “This is what I need, this is what I would like and this is where I can find it.

Shop Selectively
Besides a beautiful blouse, every woman should have a great pair of jeans, black pants, a perfect skirt, a perfect little black dress and a jacket for each season. Consider this collection of basics a jumping off point–with a few accessories added in, there are endless outfit possibilities. A little black dress, for example, can be dressed up with fine jewellery for a formal event, paired with a jacket for a business dinner or worn with strappy sandals for a cocktail party.

Assess Every Purchase
Designer Catherine Malandrino advises women to think carefully about their buys. Before every purchase ask yourself these questions: How many times can she wear it? Is it versatile enough to go from day, to work, to cocktails? And will she want to wear it again and again?

Know When to Splurge … and On What
Building a quality wardrobe requires spending more on less and investing in great accessories.

Skip the Trends
Instead of following trends, French women are loyal to the styles and colors that look best on them. After all, copying what’s on the runways isn’t for everyone. Deborah Ricard, who works in public relations for TSE cashmere and grew up in Versailles, France, says women in France embrace their individuality. “They will never wear what the magazines and celebrities tell them to wear. Instead, they choose and wear clothes [that fit] their personality. It is more about what feels right and looks good on you. Most of all it has to look effortless.


Would You Wear 3D Nails?

Say hello to the future with 3D nails from the Laser Girls. Digital artists Sara C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford came up with the idea for adhesive nails that are literally three-dimensional. The nylon shapes are printed with the same 3D technology scientists use for all sorts of medical advancements. 

Remember when Katy Perry rocked a set of nails more bedazzled than her jewel-encrustedThe Blonds minidress at the Kids Choice Awards? Or the time Rihanna showed up at a Grammys event with a bespoke manicure that matched her avant-garde Viktor & Rolf frock perfectly? Those designs may have been Trending back in 2010 but a lot has changed since then in the world of nail art. 
(Source: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America)

Laser Girls' nails range in shape from cubic to claw-like, and come in four different sizes and just about as many colors. A set with cost you between $30 to $60 but if cared for properly, the nails (which can be applied using either glue or nail tape) Some styles are bolder than other.
so peeps even nails has gone 3dimension.enjoy