Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tia Mowry Rocks A Printed Dress And Strappy Sandals

She looked Stunning at the That Awkward Moment Los Angeles Premiere in a $395 Nicole Miller Carson Neoprene Dress and Strappy Sandals
She finished her look with gold dagger drop earrings, coral lips, and sleek straight hair.
she looks great.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Getting Married On the outskirts of Paris In A televised multi-million dollar wedding this June

The are planning a wedding extravaganza in France that will be televised for the show 
Kim, 33, persuaded her camera-shy fiance Kanye West to let the cameras in on their special day because E! will pay for most of the expenses, RadarOnline is reporting.
‘We will be getting married this summer, hopefully, in Paris,’ Kim said to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday. ‘We love it there.’

Palace fit for a queen: The reality star really wanted to get married at the Palace Of Versailles on the outskirts of Paris but palace officials apparently told her no

Check Out Lupita Nyong’o snapshot for Interview Magazine

lupita nyongo for interview magazine
 She was styled in a Valentino Dress.

Actress Nuella Njubigbo shares hawt new photos

Okay she is the rumored lover of one of Nigerian’s biggest movie producer Chidi, The actress  released these beautiful pictures.shes looking so funny in the last pix,the one with the white wig. right ladies?

Celine Dion Is Back to Music

 Celine Dion, 45, and Ne-Yo, 31, were spotted shooting their correlative music video on Saturday.
 and rehearsed on a  rooftop in  Los Angeles

Celine was wearing a white blazer and Neyo in a black suit.

Over here! Celine appeared amazed by Ne-Yo's way of attracting attention

Monday, 27 January 2014

Kcee aka Limpopo Master Pays Nicki Minaj N68 Million for a collabo


According to sources Nigerian singer Kcee, is set to release another hot new single featuring Nicki Minaj, while his main purpose of attending the prestigious event is to finalize the collaboration with her.
Singer Kcee and his label colleague Harry song travelled to usa for the grammy award event
Sources says that  Limpopo Master , paid a whooping prize of 400,000 dollars (68 million naira) to have Nicki on the song.
wow this is gonna be a blast in nigeria's music industry.


Stephanie okereke wrote this Article on her blog Its a must read plsssss.
Hi Ladies,
The words in the picture above mean a lot and I think it’s something we should all take seriously.
Many times as women, we tend to feel incomplete without a man by our side and would go to great lengths to ensure we don’t remain “single”. I know that feeling.
But it’s also important we do not express our vulnerability or sound too desperate that we forget to build ourselves up as individuals. Sometimes, we give up our lives, our careers, our dreams for the desires of a man and leave our own self worth and fulfillment aside.
I am not trying to undermine the importance of men in our lives. Our husbands, our partners, our relationships are very important and sacrifices can, and should be made sometimes. However, I’d just like to remind us today not to forget who we really are.
I know its hard, especially for women who have reached a certain age, not to feel incomplete without a man in their lives. But please, do not lose track of your dreams. When you build yourself and are proud of the person you are, you will naturally attract good men who would be inspired by your success and treat you with love and respect.
I do hope this inspires someone today.
wow am ready inspired.
thanx steph

Beyonce Knowles Sexy Dress At The 2014 Grammys Awards

Beyonce wore this stunning backless white dress by Michael Costello.
transparent outfits are  trending at the moment

right ladies?



and thats a picture of her in weaves.
which do you prefer?

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Is Love The Ultimate Requirement for Marriage.?Read Here

My friend and I were discussing what’s always on everyone’s mind these days: love and relationships. We were updating each other on our potential plus ones when I asked, “Why do I have to be in love with the person I marry? Why can’t I marry a man because I believe he’ll be a good father and/or a good provider?” My friend perished the thought and expressed that marrying for reasons, not including love, would be settling. I disagreed. Days later, I stumbled upon an article that eloquently echoed my sentiments in a beautifully written piece entitled, Three Reasons You Should Never Marry For Love:
1. Love is a changeable emotion. As quickly as you fall in love, you can fall out of love. Then what? Either the relationship ends or it becomes toxic. If love is your primary connection, the glue is gone. This is true for passionate, physical love as well as “soul-mate” love.
2. Love does not make for a strong enough foundation. Yes, love is strong but, due to the fact that it can evaporate, it is not something that can stand alone as the basis for a long-term relationship (especially when kids are involved). Anything built on a foundation of love is subject to crumbling.
3. Love is far from “all you need.” You need mutual respect, shared goals and compatibility way more than you need love to have a sustainable, lasting relationship. People “fall in love with love” just as Kim Kardashian showed us, because they think it will carry them the distance. We all want to be wanted and we love to love yet, if you had a recipe for a strong, healthy relationship, it might look like this: 3 Cups respect; 2 Cups shared goals; 2 Cups compatibility, 1 Tablespoon love, 1 teaspoon attraction.>which is optional.
Like the article, I mentioned that in historical times, women especially, married for financial gain and status, and whether a woman loved her man was of no consequence, and at times the inverse was true as well.
So, what’s so terrible about not marrying for love? If there is mutual respect, admiration and financial stability, can’t a man or woman be content in a situation where the things that matter most to HIM/HER are present? What exactly does love have to do with it?
At times, I feel as though the modern “in love” requirement for matrimony puts too much pressure on relationships. Considering also that you can grow to love someone over time, why must a couple be in love at the outset for their marriage to be validated?
My parents had a tumultuous marriage, but it wasn’t because they didn’t love one another. I actually felt that they did. But, somewhere along the line, they changed and life happened. This may be why I value friendship and respect in a relationship more than the uncertainty and inconsistency of romance. Their relationship taught me an invaluable lesson:

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean that the two of you should be married.

‘Can we get along? Do we value each other’s opinion? Do we admire each other? Would I want my children to be like him? Does he offer stability? Do we share similar values?’ An affirmative answer to these questions is more important to me than whether my heart skips a beat when he enters the room or if we’ve exchanged ‘I love yous’ on the daily since we met.
CREDIT: miss and mrs


The Grammy’s red carpet wrapped up a  few hours ago, Check out all the stunning pictures from the event.

Chrissy Teigen in a strapless Johanna Johnson dress. John Legend cute in a Gucci Marseille tuxedo
Preggy Ciara showed off her baby bump in a gilded Emilio Pucci gown.hottttt
Colbie Caillat in Ezra Santos dress.
 Chrisette Michele in men's outfit
Katy Perry in Valentino.
Couple:Amber Rose glowed in a gold Khan floor sweeping gown and husband  Wiz Khalifa in Saint Laurent.
Madonna and her son David both dressed in Ralph Lauren Outfit.
Rita Ora in a clinging metallic Lanvin dress.

Paris Hilton in Haus of Milani creation
Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton with Robin in Giorgio Armani, and Paula in a zebra patterned frock
Rocsi Diaz
Miguel in Saint Laurent ensemble and curly tresses.
Tamar Braxton in a red strapless Michael Costello gown.
Taylor Swift shinning bright in a Gucci Première gold lamé short sleeve fitted gown.Awesome outfit..
Couple:Swizz Beatz  and Alicia Keys in a curve hugging purple Armani Privé dress.
stunning pictures . who is the best dressed peeps?