Friday, 10 January 2014

(PICS)Kim Kardashian's Hair is Breaking Seriously

So celebrities loose hair afterall. was beginning to think only africans loose hair due to too much use of hair extensions.                                                                                                                                       Images of the 33-year-old with her hair tied up in

a high bun while out in Los Angeles last week show the extent of what appears to
be extreme hair loss, which the reality star seems to have been attempting to
cover up with weaves and hair extensions.Where the real ends and the fake begins: The line of Kim's extensions could clearly be seen
Thinning out: Hair extension expert Tatiana Karelina told MailOnline that Kim's rapid post-pregnancy weight loss could have contributed to her thinning locks
And according to hair
extension expert Tatiana Karelina, it could be Kim’s rapid weight loss that
triggered her hair loss. Tatiana told MailOnline: ‘It is well known that during
the later stage of pregnancy you lose less hair due to hormones, making it
thicker and lusher, but when you have the baby most women find they  seem to be
losing a lot more hair than normal. ‘What with the rapid amount of weight Kim
lost and dieting in the months after the birth, this may have accelerated the
hair loss, giving sparser looking patches, we can clearly see how thin her hair
is around the hairline.
‘Birth and rapid weightloss
are both factors that have triggered her thinning hair and made her opt for hair
extensions to boost her diminished hair volume.’ ‘I would not recommend that Kim
keep the weave in her hair, but rather opt for lighter non damaging types of
extensions, or a simple clip-in that can be taken out often to relieve pressure
on hair follicles and the scalp.’ Kim isn’t the only star to have suffered after
relying on extensions and weaves. Rihanna and Naomi Campbell are among the other
famous faces to have found themselves with damaged hair after boosting their
barnets with extensions. A spokesperson for Kim denied the reality star wears

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