Friday, 6 December 2013


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Meet my fashionista of the day, She’s a Fashion addict, She’s beautiful, Gorgeous, and hotttt… LETS MEET YOU GIRL........ 
1.i am mariam Anenih from edo state, a medical laboratory scientist.

2.Describe yourself in a few words.                                                                                   well, am an easy going person,friendly,smart and intelligent above all God fearing

3.whats your idea of fashion? 
fashion is expressing your self in different ways, its about style and feeling happy and comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

4. who is your fashion icon? Yvonne Nelson and Daniella Chioma Okeke

5.apart from fashion what else are your interests?
modelling and designing.

6.what can you not be caught doing?
 picking my nose
7. what do you do for fun?
 boat cruise and shopping.

8.whats that fashion item you cant do without?
my gold earings, a special gift from my mum.

9.say something about my blog.
your blog is informative, educative and interesting,,,,,,,,,,
thank you very much mariam. good to have you on here you can reach mariam on her instagram page @nawttie
thanks to my amazing readers. stay inspired


  1. She's pretty Edo girls re always cute, m sure this is from Ishan

  2. She has an ideal dress sense,love those boots!

  3. No pics with a Jacket on, why naw,cute babe tho

  4. Lord gimme a sign*see hips don't lie*