Tuesday, 24 December 2013

some signs that you are not the only lady your boo is dating!

It’s hard to think about and even fathom that a guy you like, who you have been spending time would, could, and is juggling several different women at once. No one wants to believe that they’re the other woman or one of many women, but sometimes we fall into a player’s trap. Here are some signs that you’re not the only woman, and if this is truly the case, don’t think twice about walking away from this man.
You can only spend time together on certain days

After some time you’ve realized that this man only seems to be available on certain days and at certain times. It’s become routine for you two to only hang out on Mondays and Tuesdays but the rest of the week is off limits, and for no good reason. When a man only makes plans to see you on certain days and never relaxes these rules, it’s possible that you’re not the only woman.


some Signs You’re Not The Only Woman

He can never commit to plans in advance

If you invite him to a date or if you make plans to go somewhere in advance, he never commits to them and instead says “maybe” or “possibly.” Despite his neutral answers, he doesn’t really have an excuse for why he can’t say yes to your plans. Sadly this isn’t just a one time occurrence. Typically a man won’t commit when he wants to keep his options open.

He’s a mystery

When a man is really into you, he’s likely to share all sorts of details, especially personal ones, once you two become more acquainted and close. However, even though some time has passed, you’ve realized that this guy has yet to share too much about himself, which has hindered the bond that can and should have been created. When a man holds back personal information, it may be a sign that he isn’t looking to get serious with you because he has other woman to worry about.
He has tons of female friends

Usually players have a lot of female friends who they claim are just friends but are usually friends with some benefits. Men who like to surround themselves with women like to flaunt it, so if you’ve noticed a lot of female friends on Facebook or a lot of pictures with women on his Instagram, it’s possible that you’re not the only woman.

He’s great at sweet talking

Players know just the right tips and tricks to successfully smooth talking a woman. If you’ve noticed that this man is excessively good at sweet talking and you’ve seen him casually sweet talk others, than this is a good sign that he’s a player and that you’re not the only woman he has

He jokes about not being good with relationships

None of us are perfect when it comes to relationships but it’s rare that we make jokes about it. When a man is trying to mask that he’s not content with just one woman, you may find that he laughs about not being relationship material, and while you may find it funny, you should be taking his words seriously. If a man shows or tells you that he’s not up for any commitment, it’s probably because he prefers to mess with many women at once.

He’s known for last minute dates

The only time that you can expect to see this man outside of a certain schedule is when he hits you up for a last minute date. Though it may seem nice that he considered you, the fact is that you’re not priority. When you’re not the only woman, you may be subject to a lot of last minute dates, especially if another woman has cancelled or if plans fell through.

He can’t keep information straight

Not everyone has the best memory, but once you’ve known someone for a while, you kind of start to remember certain things about them. But, every time you’re with this guy, he tells you the same stories over and over and asks questions that you’ve already given him the answer to plenty of times before. Either his memory is shot or he’s having trouble keeping up because you’re not the only woman.

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