Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A must Read :How to find your Dream Man

Every one of us (male or female) want to find our other half, our man/woman of our dreams but for many of us, that’s not that easy. It takes years to find the other person that will bring joy to your life and make you feel complete -however, some are lucky enough to find that person on their youth, and others not that fortunate. It’s no secret that as years go by, it becomes harder and harder to find that person you have always dreamed of, that’s why I brought together some essential tips for all woman- so you increase the chance of finding the man of your dreams. These tips doesn’t guarantee that you will find the man of your dreams 100%, however they raise the chance for you finding him.

 1- Understand yourself- You can never be happy with a man unless you are happy with yourself. You can never be in a healthy relationship without understanding yourself first. Before you start a relationship with a man, you have to work with the relationship with yourself.

2-Don’t expect perfection-most women want a man to make them laugh, love them unconditionally, someone educated, good looking, serious yet spontaneous, a man that dresses nice and have a good paying job, and if he has a beautiful house even better-but let’s be honest, do you have yourself half of the things of this list? Learn to look beyond imperfections, there lies the key of a long lasting relationship.

 3-Be the person you want to marry- yes, you might be looking for a guy with all good deeds but what kind of person are you? do you party and drink all night, do you have a job, education, goals in life? are you the kind of person you would marry? these are fundamental questions.

 4-Be active- ‘the perfect man‘ will not come and knock at your door, you have to go out there and look for him-find a hobby, an activity in which you can meet men that share the same interest as you do.

 5-The way you dress is very important- I am not saying you should go and spend thousands of dollars on fashionable clothing, but clothes determinate the kind of guy you will attract; if you dress too sexy and provoking then you will for sure attract a player!

6-Be real: we all want the prince charming that looks like Ashton Kutcher, has a smile like Brad Pitt, a personality like Johnny Deep and the money of  Bill Gates, but get real!

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