Kim Kardashian got her start in the fashion world cleaning closets and curating eBay sales, so let’s just say our girl knows what she’s doing when it comes to selling things online. And she is putting those talents to use once again, this time to help the victims of the Typhoon in the Philippines.
However, rather than donate the entire proceeds of her clothing sale to non-profit organization International Medical Corps, she is only giving up 10 percent of that Kardashian Kash to the charity, according to the eBay posting.
Kim took to HER BLOG to introduce her readers to the auction with the following message:
Hi guys, this is a very special auction because a portion of the proceeds of my eBay auction are going to International Medical Corps, which is a nonprofit organization that provides critical health services on remote islands where families are struggling to access medical care and basic resources like food, clean drinking water and vital medications. The proceeds will go directly to the communities they’re serving in the Philippines and will help typhoon survivors get access to medical care and ultimately save lives. My prayers and thoughts are with those affected by the typhoon. Check out my eBay auction here and support those who need our help in the Philippines. Xo

Meanwhile, the OG “It” couple David and Victoria Beckham are doing some donating of their own. The couple has handed over boxes full of their lightly worn clothes and shoes to a British Red Cross shop in Chelsea, west London, to help fund the charity’s work in the Philippines. That means if you’re located in London, you can snag a fabric that has grazed David Beckham’s glorious tattooed skin.
Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, is the second-deadliest Philippine typhoon on record and has so far claimed the lives of more than 4,000. unbelievable right?