Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Which Is The Best Nail Shape For You! click here to know

The Best Nail Shape For You!

Did you know that one of the first things a man notices in a woman is her nails. Well, that's yet another reason to run to the salon and get a manicure!
Before you go, here are a few shapes and most likely personality match..

1. Round : Ideal for those who like to maintain short nails.
Personality : Feminine, Caring , and Romantic.

2. Oval : Usually flattering for everyone, and add length with a graceful tip.
Personality:  Simply elegant

3. Square : With strong side walls and sharp or rounded tips, this shape is classic French
Personality: A leader, sting and bold. A diva!

4. Almond / Pointed :  The pointed nail is a popular style for acrylic and nail art designs, and is popular among celebrities
Personality : Daring, Sexy, Loves a challenge.

5. Square Oval (Squoval) : Combining the elegance of the oval with the strength of the square, the squoval is a popular nail shape for most fingers.
Personality : Assertive and Ambitious.

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