Monday, 4 November 2013

Diverse Faces On Shoes, shoes to match your skin tone

 Now this is getting interesting
Reader Southern wrote in with an interesting question over the weekend!
She typed, “How do you feel about designers who (only) use Caucasian faces on their shoes?”
” Do you think it’s an purposeful exclusion of brown people; and does it affect your decision to wear those brands?”
Southern went on to attach pictures of Charlotte Olympia’s $995 Sleeping Princess Pumps (above), along with an image of the popular $360 Alice + Olivia ‘Stacey’ Face Pumps:
alice-stace-pumps-bf stacy face pumps diversify
 I don’t think the exclusion was purposeful. In the case of Alice + Olivia, the pumps are modeled after brand founder Stacey Bendet:
alice olivia stacey bendet face pumps
It also seems as if Charlotte Olympia, pictured below, might have modeled her princess pumps after herself.
charlotte olympia shoe designer
Can you really fault a designer for making something in their image? I don’t think so. As long as we have nudes to match our skin tone…
Though it’s certainly worth reflecting on. If you saw a ‘Brown Sleeping Beauty’ pump going for $995 or a ‘Multicultural Fashionista’ heel for $360, would you buy it?
alice olivia stacey bended flat face shoes

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  1. Ugly set of shoes,wat a waste of design......,na wa.