Friday, 1 November 2013

Monica Awe-Etuk A Personal Style Blogger

Style Feature:- Monica Awe-Etuk A Personal Style Blogger was featured on TRB blog recently, check out her style and fashion views

 Give us some basic information about you:- I am a Nigerian Canadian living in Atlanta with my husband and two beautiful children. I double majored in sociology and mass communication and also studied the business of fashion.
I know everyone says fashion is their passion, well I guess I'm one of those! I live for dressing up my life, whether it's my wardrobe or house, life looks better styled right! I dab into fashion, styling, home decor, hair, pretty much anything that has to do with fashion and art. I believe all aspects of your life needs to look fabulous! I have worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years and recently started my fashion and style blog while on maternity leave with my daughter last year. 
What do you love about Fashion:- As an artist I love the creativity fashion offers. Everyone I style including myself is a blank canvas with the opportunity to create a masterpiece.
Who is your fashion icon?:-   Kerry Washington,
What can you not be caught doing?:- Wearing pageant hair! I love my hair clean, sexy and modern!
Most Embarrassing fashion moment:- Wearing overly tight clothing.
What do you do for fun? :- Flip through the pages of fashion magazines and support fellow bloggers.
What is that fashion item you cannot :- A fabulous bag, it completes any outfit.
Can you spend your last money to look good:-  Before I had kids yes, but now that I have a family unfortunately no, my husband would kill me!

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